[Numpy-discussion] I want to help with a numpy python 3.1.x port

René Dudfield renesd@gmail....
Fri Sep 18 07:01:08 CDT 2009


as a big numpy user, and someone wanting to help with the python 3
migration, I'd like to help with a python 3.1 port of numpy.

We(at the pygame project) have mostly completed our port of pygame to
python 3.0 and 3.1 so can offer some insight into what it takes with a
CPython extension.

pygame supports python 2.3 through to 3.1, so it should be possible to
also keep backwards compatibility with the port for numpy.  We can
also use some of the helper code we used for the pygame port.

I haven't asked the other pygame developers if they are interested in
helping too... but maybe they will be interested in helping too(since
they use numpy too).  I'd also be interested in other people helping
with the effort.  Once I have put some of the ground work in place,
and got a few parts done it should be easier for other people to see
what needs changing.

If the python 3 port is something you'd want included with numpy, then
I'd like to begin this weekend.

I'm not super familiar with the numpy code base yet, so I'd like to do
it in small changes making small parts compatible with py3k and then
having them reviewed/tested.

I can either start a branch myself using mecurial, or perhaps you'd
like me to do the work somewhere else ( like in a branch in the numpy

Which code should I base the port off?  trunk ?

Or maybe I missed something and a port has started already?  In which
case, is there a branch somewhere I can help with?


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