[Numpy-discussion] merging docs from wiki

Ralf Gommers ralf.gommers@googlemail....
Sun Sep 20 14:49:18 CDT 2009


I'm done reviewing all the improved docstrings for NumPy, they can be merged
now from the doc editor Patch page. Maybe I'll get around to doing the SciPy
ones as well this week, but I can't promise that.

There are a few docstrings on the Patch page I did not mark "Ok to apply":

1. the generic docstrings. Some are marked Ready for review, but they refer
mostly to "self" and to "generic" which I don't think is very helpful. It
would be great if someone could do just one of those docstrings and make it
somewhat informative. There are about 50 that can then be done in the same

2. get_numpy_include: the docstring is deleted because the function is
deprecated. I don't think that is helpful but I'm not sure. Should this be
reverted or applied?

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