[Numpy-discussion] PyArray_AsCArray (cfunction, in Array API) in Numpy User Guide

Takafumi Arakaki aka.tkf@gmail....
Sun Sep 20 19:02:39 CDT 2009


Is the definition and explanation of PyArray_AsCArray in Numpy User
Guide up-to-date?

In the guide, it's like this:
int PyArray_AsCArray(PyObject** op, void* ptr, npy_intp* dims, int nd,
int typenum, int itemsize)

But in the source code:
int PyArray_AsCArray(PyObject **op, void *ptr, intp *dims, int nd,
PyArray_Descr* typedescr)

I think the code in the guide is from old source code. I found the
same code in v0.6.1:

Please tell me how to use PyArray_AsCArray if anyone know.


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