[Numpy-discussion] The problem with arrays

yogesh karpate yogeshkarpate@gmail....
Tue Sep 22 06:11:05 CDT 2009

Please kindly go through following code snippet
 for i in range(a1):
        data_temp=(bpf[left[0][i]:right[0][i]])# left is an array and right
is also an array
        maxloc=data_temp.argmax()       #taking indices of  max. value of
data segment
        maxloc = maxloc-1+left # add offset of present location
        minloc = minloc-1+left # add offset of present location
        R_index = maxloc
        R_t = t[maxloc]
        R_amp = array([maxval])
        S_amp = minval#%%% Assuming the S-wave is the lowest
        #%%% amp in the given window
        #S_t = t[minloc]
The thing is that I want to plot R_time and R_amp in a single shot.The above
code plots  R_time and R_amp each time and overwriting previous value as the
loop continues,i.e. it displays the many graphs each  indicating single
point (R_time,R_amp) as long as loop continues.What  I want is that all
points from R_time and R_amp should be plotted in  one go.  I tried to take
array  and store the value ,but it takes only one value  at the end of loop.
How should I break this loop?Can anybody help me out ????
Thanx in Advance
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