[Numpy-discussion] Resize Method for Numpy Array

Alice Invernizzi invernizzi@cilea...
Thu Sep 24 09:58:57 CDT 2009

Dear all,

I have an Hamletic doubt concerning the numpy array data type.
A general learned rule concerning the array usage in other high-level 
programming languages is that array data-type are homogeneous datasets 
of  fixed dimension.

Therefore, is not clear to me why in numpy the size of an array can be 
changed  (either with the 'returning-value' resize() function either with 
the 'in-place' array method resize()).
More in detail, if the existence of the first function 
('returning-value') might make sense in array computing operation, the 
existence of the 'in-place' method really make no sense for me.

Would you please be so kind to give some explanation for the existence of resize operator for numpy array? If array size can be change, what are the real advantages of using numpy array instead of list object?
Thanks in avdance 
Best Regards
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