[Numpy-discussion] Numpy savetxt: change decimal separator

Junda Zhu zhu.146@gmail....
Thu Sep 24 10:51:50 CDT 2009

On Sep 24, 2009, at 3:07 AM, markus.proeller@ifm.com wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I save data to a file with the following statement:
> np.savetxt(fileName, transpose((average_dist, std_deviation,  
> maximum_dist, sum_of_dist)), delimiter = ';', fmt='%6.10f')
> is there a possibility to change the decimal seperator from a point  
> to comma ?
> And another question I import this file to excel, is there also a  
> possiblity to create a headline for each column, that the file looks  
> like the following example:
> average; standard deviation; maximum distance; sum of distances
> 0,26565; 0,65565; 2,353535; 25, 5656

For the first task, I don't know if there is any direct way in numpy  
to change the decimal sep, but a little bit awkward trick as follows  
should work:

mem_file = StringIO.StringIO()
np.savetxt(mem_file, ... )
new_data_str = mem_file.getvalue().replace('.', ',')

output_file = open(fileName, 'w')

Or you can use regex to get better match for the decimal seperator.

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