[Numpy-discussion] np.any and np.all short-circuiting

Citi, Luca lciti@essex.ac...
Thu Sep 24 19:50:29 CDT 2009

I am sorry.
I followed your suggestion.
I re-checked out the svn folder and then compiled with
$ python setup.py build_src --inplace build_ext --inplace
but I get the same behaviour.
If I am inside I get the NameError, if I am outside and use path.insert, it successfully performs zero tests.

I have tried with numpy-1.3 with sys.path.insert and it works.

I re-implemented the same patch for 1.3 and it passes all 2030 tests.
I think the speed improvement is impressive.

I still wonder why I am unable to make the tests work with the svn version.


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