[Numpy-discussion] numpy install script changes permissions?

Mark Sienkiewicz sienkiew@stsci....
Fri Sep 25 09:37:13 CDT 2009

> In the source build folder, all numpy test scripts have the correct
> permissions and are not marked as executable,
> but in the install directory
> (/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/numpy/), the test test scripts
> have completely different permissions, and are all marked as
> executable. Thus, nose wont run the tests.

It works ok for me with python 2.5.1 on a mac and python 2.6.1 on 
linux.  That doesn't help you, but it may be a clue at some point.

Is it only the test scripts that are executable, or is it everything 
that gets installed?

Does it affect packages other than numpy / scipy?  If so, we can suspect 
distutils and/or ubuntu, rather than numpy.

Mark S.

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