[Numpy-discussion] Question about improving genfromtxt errors

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Fri Sep 25 13:17:58 CDT 2009

Sorry all, I haven't been as respondent as I wished lately...
* About the patch: I don't like the idea of adding yet some other  
tests in the main loop. I was more into letting things like they are,  
but calling some error function if some 'setting an array element with  
a sequence' exception is raised. This function would take 'rows' as an  
input and would check the length of each row. That way, we don't slow  
things down when everything works, but just add some delay when they  
don't. I'll try to come up w/ something soon (in the next couple of  
* About the converter error: there's indeed a bug in  
StringConverter.upgrade, I need to write some unittests to make sure I  
get it covered. If you could get me some sample code, that'd be great.

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