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On 30 March 2010 22:44, Friedrich Romstedt <friedrichromstedt@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2010/3/30 Andrea Gavana <andrea.gavana@gmail.com>:
>> However, from the first 100 or so interpolated simulations, I could
>> gather these findings:
>> 1) Interpolations on *cumulative* productions on oil and gas are
>> extremely good, with a maximum range of relative error of -3% / +2%:
>> most of them (95% more or less) show errors < 1%, but for few of them
>> I get the aforementioned range of errors in the interpolations;
>> 2) Interpolations on oil and gas *rates* (time dependent), I usually
>> get a -5% / +3% error per timestep, which is very good for my
>> purposes. I still need to check these values but the first set of
>> results were very promising;
>> 3) Interpolations on gas injection (cumulative and rate) are a bit
>> more shaky (15% error more or less), but this is essentially due to a
>> particular complex behaviour of the reservoir simulator when it needs
>> to decide (based on user input) if the gas is going to be re-injected,
>> sold, used as excess gas and a few more; I am not that worried about
>> this issue for the moment.
> Have a nice time in Greece, and what you write makes me laughing. :-)
> When you are back, you should maybe elaborate a bit on what gas
> injections, wells, re-injected gas and so on is, I don't know about
> it.

Just as a little follow-up, I managed to obtain a more extended set of
interpolated simulations yesterday. As a little recap, I took two
thirds of the simulations database to use them as interpolation base
and tried to reproduce the rest using the interpolation. I have a
couple of plots to demonstrate how good/bad the interpolation was.

1) The first one (http://img404.yfrog.com/img404/9885/doterrors.png)
has 6 subplots: the first 3 at the
top show relative errors (in percentage) for cumulative productions
for oil and gas and cumulative gas injection, with:

relative_error = 100 * (real - interpolated) / real

The second set of 3 subplots at the bottom show median errors on
oil/gas production rates and gas injection rates: these are series of
time-dependent values (in contrast to the cumulative, which are a
single floating point value), so I took the median error over all the
simulated timesteps.

As you can see, about 95-96% of the interpolated results have a
relative error between -5% / +5%, with some outliers (which don't
bother me that much anyway :-D ).

2) The second figure
(http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/7527/boxploterrors.png) has been
liberally adapted
from a matplotlib demo (boxplot_demo2), and show a series of error box
plots for all the variables I have used in the interpolation.

Overall, I can say I am pretty satisfied with the results :-D . If I
get a chance to test Kevin's and Robert's ideas before getting sent to
Kazakhstan I'll post another follow-up, unless you got bored by now
and you tell me to shut up.

Thank you again to the list for the wonderful help.


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