[Numpy-discussion] [ANN] toydist version 0.0.2

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Tue Apr 13 07:45:48 CDT 2010


I am glad to announce the first release of toydist, the 0.0.2 release:


Toydist is a pythonic, no-nonsense packaging solution for python softwares. The
main highlights of this first public release are:

        * Package description grammar formalized through PLY, the python
          Lex-yacc package (included in toydist for the time being)
        * Toymaker, the command line interface to toydist, can install itself

Although still very much in infancy, I have succesfully used the conversion
procedure on sphinx, jinja and a few python-only Enthought packages.

How to help ?

Toydist is experimental, and should not be used for anything production-worthy
at this point. There are two main reasons why I have released such a
preliminary version:

        * To get suggestions/comments on the current file format. I believe the
          current syntax strikes a good balance for human readers/writers, but
          it cannot be parsed with just regular expressions, which means syntax
          highlithing may be difficult (the difficulty is to be able to parse
          arbitary rest for some metadata). The easiest way to get a feeling of
          the format is to convert your favorite python package, assuming it is
          simple enough.
        * The API for package description is still regularly changed, and the
          command-line interface has no sane API yet, but I certainly welcome
          suggestions from people interested in writing debian or
other builders.

I have started documenting toydist, an up-to-date version can be found on
http://cournape.github.com/toydist. Example of simple commands may be found in
toydist/commands (sdist and install are particularly simple).

The focus for 0.0.3 is hook support - the goal is to have an API robust enough
so that future toydist code will be based on hooks, as well a basic support for
waf or scons-based C builds.



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