[Numpy-discussion] binomial coefficient, factorial

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Wed Apr 14 17:50:30 CDT 2010

Anne Archibald wrote:
>> The problem is that everyone has a different "basic". What we really
>> need is an easier way for folks to use sub-packages of scipy. I've found
>> myself hand-extracting just what I need, too.
> Maybe I've been spoiled by using Linux, but my answer to this sort of
> thing is always "just install scipy already". If it's not already
> packaged for your operating system (e.g. Linux, OSX, or Windows), is
> it really difficult to compile it yourself?

yes, it is.

I think the Windows builds are pretty good, but with the MS compiler 
mess, that can be a pain, too (64 bit issues have not been resolved, 
though I guess not for numpy either...). And it is certainly not trivial 
to do yourself.

I suffer on OS-X: what with Apple's Python, python.org's one, fink, 
macports, etc, then you have OS-X version 10.4 - 10.6 to support, and 
both PPC and Intel, and all of this with Fortran code, it really is a mess.

Also, I deliver stand-alone tools, built with py2exe and py2app, and 
really don't like to be delivering the entire pile of scipy when I do.

So yes, it's still an issue.

 > (If so, perhaps post a
> report to scipy-user and see if we can fix it so it isn't.)


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