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Pradeep Jha jhapk@utias.utoronto...
Sun Apr 18 13:32:01 CDT 2010


I am running python 2.4.4. I installed numpy using the command*

*python setup.py install --prefix=$HOME/**bin*

my site-packages directory got installed to the following address:*


in my preconfig file I changed the path to the following as you recommended
# If numpy was installed using the --home option, set this to the
# home directory for numpy. This will be needed for all numpy installations
# that don't put the include files into python's native include directory.
I still get the following warning message when I run the preconfig file:*
checking for python2... /usr/bin/python2
Python command set by configure to  /usr/bin/python2
WARNING: NUMPY include dir
does not exist.
setting NUMPY_INC_DIR to

Whats going wrong? The warning is right, as there is no directory
called *python
*on that address.

Just to give you the structure of the installed packages, I am attaching the
output to the cd and ls commands:

*[pradeep@scaramanga lib]$ls
[pradeep@scaramanga lib]$cd python2.4/
[pradeep@scaramanga python2.4]$ls
[pradeep@scaramanga python2.4]$cd site-packages/
[pradeep@scaramanga site-packages]$ls
[pradeep@scaramanga site-packages]$cd numpy/
[pradeep@scaramanga numpy]$ls
add_newdocs.py   __config__.pyc  DEV_README.txt  dual.pyc
_import_tools.pyc  lib          matlib.py   random      setupscons.py
add_newdocs.pyc  core            distutils       f2py
__init__.py        LICENSE.txt  matlib.pyc  README.txt  setupscons.pyc
COMPATIBILITY    ctypeslib.py    doc             fft
__init__.pyc       linalg       numarray    setup.py    site.cfg.example
__config__.py    ctypeslib.pyc   dual.py         _import_tools.py
INSTALL.txt        ma           oldnumeric  setup.pyc   testing
[pradeep@scaramanga numpy]$cd core/
[pradeep@scaramanga core]$ls
arrayprint.py     defmatrix.pyc           include       _internal.py
numeric.py        records.pyc        setup_common.pyc  _sort.so
arrayprint.pyc    fromnumeric.py          info.py       _internal.pyc
numeric.pyc       scalarmath.so      setup.py          tests
defchararray.py   fromnumeric.pyc         info.pyc      memmap.py
numerictypes.py   scons_support.py   setup.pyc   umath.so defchararray.pyc
generate_numpy_api.py   __init__.py   memmap.pyc     numerictypes.pyc
scons_support.pyc  setupscons.py     umath_tests.so defmatrix.py
generate_numpy_api.pyc  __init__.pyc  multiarray.so  records.py
setup_common.py    setupscons.pyc
[pradeep@scaramanga core]$cd include/
[pradeep@scaramanga include]$ls
[pradeep@scaramanga include]$cd numpy/
[pradeep@scaramanga numpy]$ls
arrayobject.h   mingw_amd64_fenv.h  multiarray_api.txt  noprefix.h
npy_cpu.h     npy_interrupt.h  numpyconfig.h  oldnumeric.h   ufunc_api.txt
utils.h arrayscalars.h  __multiarray_api.h  ndarrayobject.h
npy_common.h  npy_endian.h  npy_math.h       old_defines.h  __ufunc_api.h


2010/4/18 Pradeep Jha <jhapk@utias.utoronto.ca>

> Hi,
> how do I figure where did my numpy got installed to? I downloaded a tar.gz
> file and then unzipped it at
> /nfs/carv/d1/people/pradeep/src/numpy-1.3.0/.
> I didn't do any additional installation steps. Also, just fyi, I don't have
> root access to this system.
> Thanks
> 2010/4/16 Robert Kern <robert.kern@gmail.com>
>> On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 20:56,  <josef.pktd@gmail.com> wrote:
>> > On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 9:47 PM, Pradeep Jha <jhapk@utias.utoronto.ca>
>> wrote:
>> >> Hi,
>> >>
>> >> before running the make command, it asks me to run the preconfig file.
>> When
>> >> I run preconfig, I get the following warning message during the run:
>> >> checking for python2... /usr/bin/python2
>> >> Python command set by configure to  /usr/bin/python2
>> >> WARNING: NUMPY include dir
>> >> /nfs/carv/d1/people/pradeep/src/numpy-1.3.0//include/python does not
>> exist.
>> >> setting NUMPY_INC_DIR to
>> >> /nfs/carv/d1/people/pradeep/src/numpy-1.3.0//include/python
>> >
>> > Is duplicate forward-slash legal in a Linux path?
>> Yes. It is ignored.
>> You need to set NUMPY_INC_DIR to
>> is the site-packages/ directory where your installation of numpy got
>> installed to. Note that this is not
>> /nfs/carv/d1/people/pradeep/src/numpy-1.3.0/.
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