[Numpy-discussion] Disabling Extended Precision in NumPy (like -ffloat-store)

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Wed Apr 21 10:03:54 CDT 2010

ke, 2010-04-21 kello 10:47 -0400, Adrien Guillon kirjoitti:
> My understanding, however, is that Intel processors may use extended
> precision for some operations anyways unless this is explicitly
> disabled, which is done with gcc via the -ffloat-store operation.
> Since I am prototyping algorithms for a different processor
> architecture, where the extended precision registers simply do not
> exist, I would really like to force NumPy to limit itself to using
> single-precision operations throughout the calculation (no extended
> precision in registers).

Probably the only way to ensure this is to recompile Numpy (and
possibly, also Python) with the -ffloat-store option turned on.

When compiling Numpy, you should be able to insert the flag via

	OPT="-ffloat-store" python setup.py build

Pauli Virtanen

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