[Numpy-discussion] Installing numpy with MKL

Søren Gammelmark gammelmark@phys.au...
Tue Aug 3 15:31:41 CDT 2010

I feel a bit silly :-)
The compile now appear to work. Sort of. I discovered I had sneaken in a 
"pthreads" in the mkl_libs line, which is obviously not in the 
mkl-directory (I had stolen this line from a stand-alone program I wrote 
at some point). The error message is a bit confusing though - the python 
setup.py-script seems to claim that none of the libraries are there.

In any case the compile works now. However, when I try to run the python 
tests, python crashes because it cannot find libmkl_def.so. This is 
weird because LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set correctly. I also tried compiling 
with LD_RUN_PATH=$MKLROOT/lib/em64t but to no avail. I then tried adding 
mkl_def to the mkl_libs-line and now it works. However, I seem to recall 
reading somewhere that this is not a good idea. I guess that this is 
related to what your referred post was about? Did you end up using the 
patch or have you found a less invasive method since?

Now on to SciPy... :-)

Thankyou for your help

On 03-08-2010 18:33, Dag Sverre Seljebotn wrote:
> Søren Gammelmark wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> I realize that this e-mail has been written a lot of times before. I
>> have, however, not been able to make it work even though I have looked
>> through a lot of e-mails on the mailinglist. I apologize if the
>> solution is written neatly somewhere.
> In my experience, it is not.
> I got this working, my config etc. is in this thread (site.cfg is in my
> second post):
> http://www.mail-archive.com/numpy-discussion@scipy.org/msg23151.html
> If you try that config and post the exact error you get if it does not
> work, perhaps we'll get somewhere...
> Dag Sverre
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