[Numpy-discussion] Bento question: Fortran 90 & Cython support

Kurt Smith kwmsmith@gmail....
Thu Aug 12 13:40:36 CDT 2010


I'm very interested in Bento and think it will be a killer project.

My question: do you anticipate supporting Fortran 90 within Bento, or
will that be delegated to an external build tool?  There are some
intricacies with Fortran 90 that make it difficult to use with the
usual configure-then-build ordering, specifically when the configure
step depends on .mod files that don't exist until after compilation.

Also, what about projects with Pyrex/Cython sources: will Bento
internally support .pyx files?  Would it be possible to add a command
in bento/commands for Fortran 90 / Cython support, or would you
recommend doing this through waf/scons?



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