[Numpy-discussion] Building f2py extensions on AMD64 with Python 2.7 Numpy 1.5, MSVC 2008 Pro and gfortran

Åsmund Hjulstad asmund.hjulstad@gmail....
Mon Aug 16 02:51:39 CDT 2010

Hi all,

Are there any success stories in building f2py extensions on AMD64 with
latest versions? Building the same extension on 32 bit works like a charm.

I am having trouble finding documentation or examples, is it supposed to be

Compiling (with distutils) works like a charm, but that does not help when
I'm stuck figuring out link dependencies. It seems to me that the gfortran
library depends on a mingw that is in conflict with some CRT library.

I have to admit, I'm probably in way too deep waters, and should really be
satisfied with 32 bit, but still, it would be fun to get it working.

GFortran is from  MinGW-w64 project on sourceforge, version 4.5.1

Any pointers or other experiences?

Åsmund Hjulstad
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