[Numpy-discussion] Building f2py extensions on AMD64 with Python 2.7 Numpy 1.5, MSVC 2008 Pro and gfortran

Åsmund Hjulstad asmund.hjulstad@gmail....
Mon Aug 16 06:07:55 CDT 2010

2010/8/16 Sturla Molden <sturla@molden.no>

> Two criticial import libraries for mingw-w64 are missing (libpython26.a
> and msvcr90.a). We cannot build C extensions for Python with mingw-w64. If
> you can build with disutils, your are not using mingw-w64 but another C
> compiler.

You are correct. The 32 bit setup is on a different computer, and there I'm
gcc and gfortran built by equation solution (v4.5.0). (No MSVC, and it works

I was hoping to continue with gcc for 64bit, but understood that msvc was
required. My attempted 64 bit setup is MSVC 2008 Pro for c, and mingw-w64
for the fortran part.

Thank you for the information. I will have to look into options for a
fortran compiler, for now.
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