[Numpy-discussion] Building f2py extensions on AMD64 with Python 2.7 Numpy 1.5, MSVC 2008 Pro and gfortran

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Mon Aug 16 12:24:09 CDT 2010

Thank for the information, David.

> I think the right solution is to build our own libgfortran, but
> against the MSVC C runtime instead of the mingw runtime. THis is not
> as crazy as it sounds because scipy does not rely so much on the
> fortran runtime. Just faking the library (by putting functions which
> do nothing),

That might work for building SciPy, but not for arbitrary Fortran 95 code.

So the options are to use another compiler or run gfortran code in a
spawned subprocess.


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