[Numpy-discussion] Problems building NumPy with GotoBLAS

Eloi Gaudry eg@fft...
Tue Aug 17 06:43:43 CDT 2010


please below a script that will build numpy using a relevant site.cfg for your configuration (you need to update GOTODIR and LAPACKDIR and PYTHONDIR):


#BLAS/LAPACK configuration file
echo "[blas]"                              >  ./site.cfg
echo "library_dirs = GOTODIR"    >> ./site.cfg
echo "blas_libs = goto2_nehalemp-r1.13" >> ./site.cfg
echo "[lapack]"                          >> ./site.cfg
echo "library_dirs = LAPACKDIR" >> ./site.cfg
echo "lapack_libs = lapack"       >> ./site.cfg

#compilation variables
export CC=gcc
export F77=gfortran
export F90=gfortran
export F95=gfortran
export LDFLAGS="-shared -Wl,-rpath=\'\$ORIGIN/../../../..\'"
export CFLAGS="-O1 -pthread"
export FFLAGS="-O2"

python setup.py config
python setup.py build
python setup.py install

#copy site.cfg
cp ./site.cfg PYTHONDIR/lib/python2.6/site-packages/numpy/distutils/.

# Test
cd $HOME
python -c "import numpy ; numpy.test()"
cd $PWD                                                                                     


On Tuesday 17 August 2010 07:14:29 ashford@whisperpc.com wrote:
> David,
> > You should instead specificaly link the GOTO library to
> > numpy, by customizing the site.cfg,
> That was one of the many things I tried came to the list.
> Peter Ashford
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