[Numpy-discussion] Problems building NumPy with GotoBLAS

ashford@whisperp... ashford@whisperp...
Tue Aug 17 17:39:48 CDT 2010


> please below a script that will build numpy using a relevant site.cfg for your
> configuration (you need to update GOTODIR and LAPACKDIR and PYTHONDIR):

> #copy site.cfg
> cp ./site.cfg PYTHONDIR/lib/python2.6/site-packages/numpy/distutils/.

I believe this needs a $ prior to PYTHONDIR.

I tried this, and the benchmark still came in at 8.5S.

Any ideas?  How long should the following benchmark take on a Core-i7 930,
with Atlas or Goto?

time python -c "import numpy as N; a=N.random.randn(1000, 1000); N.dot(a, a)"

Thank you.

Peter Ashford

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