[Numpy-discussion] mingw-w64 tutorial ?

Sebastian Haase seb.haase@gmail....
Sat Aug 21 15:44:11 CDT 2010


this is somewhat OT for this list, but since I know that David and
many others here have lot's of experience compiling C extensions I
thought I could just ask:
Looking at
I did not know (even after reading the FAQ) which file to download and
how things would eventually work.

I have a 64bit windows 7 installed, and got many precompiled packages
for amd64 Python 2.7 from
(thanks to  Christoph Gohlke for all the work)
But now I have some C++ extensions on my own, and know how build them
using cygwin -- but that would only produce 32bit modules and should
be unusable.

So, the question is if someone has or knows of some tutorial about how
to go about this - step by step. This info could maybe even go the
scipy wiki....

Sebastian Haase

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