[Numpy-discussion] further to my previous numpy installation problems

martin djokovic martin.djokovic@gmail....
Mon Aug 23 15:57:36 CDT 2010

First of all sorry about not posting as a reply in the above thread-for some
reason it does not seem to work

So have to post as a new question-sorry about that.

 Ok so got a tar file installed as root, then did


 All most all the files found with numpy were in


Which is where I installed numpy.........

 Both root and user are set to use python 2.4

 However the following were also listed-

I as root can remove them but I am scared that that might mess something
else-should I remove them and try again? I am specially concerned about the
redhat/SOURCES and also the first entry (which I did remove before
installing this time but has come back)












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