[Numpy-discussion] Github migration?

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Mon Aug 23 16:15:55 CDT 2010

Mon, 23 Aug 2010 15:30:19 -0500, Travis Oliphant wrote:
> I'm curious as to the status of the Github migration and if there is
> anything I can do to help.  I have a couple of weeks right now and I
> would love to see us make the transition of both NumPy and SciPy to GIT.

I think the more or less latest state is here:


with the svn-all-fast-export branch probably being the way to go.

The thing that is missing is comparison of each Git revision in the 
converted repo to the corresponding revision in SVN.

We ran into some bugs in svn-all-fast-export which caused some commits in 
the history to have the wrong content -- so to be sure, we have to do a 
brute-force comparison of the tree against SVN for each commit. The 
particular bug here was fixed in the conversion tool, but better safe 
than sorry.

This shouldn't be too difficult to script, but hasn't been done yet. It 
should be done immediately after the "export" phase in the Makefile -- 
i.e., immediately after svn-all-fast-export.

An SVN dump for testing can be found here:


> On a slightly related note, it would really help the numpy-refactor
> project if it received more input from others in the community.   Right
> now, the numpy-refactor is happening on a public github branch (named
> numpy-refactor) awaiting numpy itself to be on github.   It would be
> more useful if the numpy-refactor branch were a regular branch of the
> github NumPy project.

I'll try to find some time next-week-ish to look at this...


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