[Numpy-discussion] numpy histogram normed=True (bug / confusing behavior)

Nils Becker n.becker@amolf...
Mon Aug 30 12:53:23 CDT 2010

> I think (a corrected) density histogram is core functionality for
> unequal bin lengths.
> The graph with raw count in the case of unequal bin sizes would be
> quite misleading when plotted and interpreted on the real line and not
> on discrete points (shaded areas instead of vertical lines). And as
> the origin of this thread showed, it's not trivial to figure out what
> the correct normalization is.
> So, I think, if we drop the density normalization, we just need a new
> function that does it.
> My 2c,
> Josef

(Not a dev, but ) I agree with Josef. Throwing out normalization
completely would in addition have to destroy backwards compatibility.
It's another question whether the frequency ( not density! )
normalization is so simple that it is better left out, since everyone
can be expected to be able to do a raw histogram and divide by the
number of data points without a headache.


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