[Numpy-discussion] Audio signal capture and processing

David Cournapeau david@silveregg.co...
Thu Feb 4 20:43:21 CST 2010

Gerardo Gutierrez wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm working with audio signals with wavelet analisys, and I want to know 
> if someone has work with some audio capture (with the mic and through a 
> file) library so that I can get the time-series...

I think the easiest for now is to record things in a file, and read this 
file using a library. I believe audiolab is the most complete solution 
when working with NumPy: I implemented audiolab to replace the missing 
functions in matlab, and it supports a lot of file formats as well as 
reading huge audio files without loading everything in memory. Its main 
drawback is the dependency on libsndfile.

You can play numpy arrays with the play function (it uses ALSA) - having 
a record function would be good as well, but I never took the time to 
implement it (hint, hint :) ).



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