[Numpy-discussion] numpy release process, adding a compatibility test step.

René Dudfield renesd@gmail....
Sat Feb 6 04:44:53 CST 2010


may I suggest an addition to the release process...

'Tests against popular libraries that rely on numpy at the RC stage.
Test at least these libraries pass their numpy related tests:
matplotlib, scipy, pygame, (insert others here?).  The release manage
should ask the mailing list for people to test the RC against these
libraries to make sure they work ok.'

- This will catch problems like the ABI one with the recent release.
- It is an explicit request for testing, with concrete tasks that
people can do.  Rather than a more abstract request for testing.
- not much extra work for the release manager.  testing work can be
distributed to anyone who can try an app, or library with the binaries
supplied in the RC stage of a release.
- binary installer users can test as well, not just people who build
from source.
- tests libraries the numpy developers may not be using all the time themselves.

On another project, adding this simple step helped prevent a number of
bugs which affected other programs and libraries using the project.
Before this was added we had a couple of releases which broke a few
popular libraries/apps with very simple regressions or bugs.


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