[Numpy-discussion] Unable to install Numpy

David Cournapeau david@silveregg.co...
Sun Feb 7 19:19:33 CST 2010

Sebastian Haase wrote:

> Hello,
> Regarding this post - is there a "non official" numpy package for
> 64bit windows? And how about SciPy ?

There are both unofficial individual binaries and EPD-based numpy/scipy. 
One example of unofficial builds are there: 

> I guess it all related to problems coming from  the 64bit support of
> cygwin  (rather the lack thereof) - right ?

Not exactly, although it prevents from building Atlas for 64 bits. The 
main issue is gcc/VS interoperabilities, especially for gfortran. I have 
not taken the time to work in it the last few months. For various 
reasons, I don't think it makes sense for NumPy itself to provide 
binaries which do not use open source compilers.



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