[Numpy-discussion] loadtxt and genfromtxt

Jonathan Stickel jjstickel@vcn....
Wed Feb 10 11:36:52 CST 2010

I am new to python/numpy/scipy and new to this list.  I recently
migrated over from using Octave and am very impressed so far!

Recently I needed to load data from a text file and quickly found
numpy's "loadtxt" function.  However, there were missing data values,
which loadtxt does not handle.  After some amount of googling, I did
find "genfromtxt" which does exactly what I need.  It would have been
helpful if genfromtxt was included in the "See Also" portion of the
docstring for loadtxt.  Perhaps this is a simple oversight?  I see that
genfromtxt does mention loadtxt in its docstring.

Let me know if I should submit a bug somewhere, or if it is sufficient
to mention this small item on the list.


My first send did not seem to go through.  Trying again; sorry if this 
is posted twice...

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