[Numpy-discussion] Removing datetime support for 1.4.x series ?

Travis Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Thu Feb 11 19:10:58 CST 2010

On Feb 11, 2010, at 7:03 PM, David Cournapeau wrote:

> Charles R Harris wrote:
>> I do think a 1.4.1 should be released without the datetime changes  
>> just
>> so there would be an updated version out there for slow adopters. We
>> wouldn't maintain it, though, it would be the end of the 1.x line.
> We could make a source release - we could do it from the current 1.4.x
> branch as it is, as the datetime has already been removed.
> As I want to get a binary installer ready for scipy as soon as 2.0 get
> released, I don't think it makes sense to waste time on getting a  
> scipy
> binary built against 1.4.x now.

This is true, but you could make a NumPy 1.4.x binary and the old  
SciPy binary would still presumably work.


Travis Oliphant
Enthought Inc.

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