[Numpy-discussion] Removing datetime support for 1.4.x series ?

David Cournapeau david@silveregg.co...
Thu Feb 11 19:36:45 CST 2010

josef.pktd@gmail.com wrote:

> So 1.4.1  wouldn't resolve the cython issue, packages that use cython
> still would need to be refreshed and recompiled, but non-cython
> packages should run without recompiling?

It is impossible to solve the cython issue in numpy. The only solution 
is to regenerate the cython files with Cython 0.12.1 (which is what I 
have done in scipy 0.7.x branch).

Hopefully, the issue will never happen again in scipy, as long as we are 
careful to use always Cython 0.12.1 or above,



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