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I don't know if y'all are subscribed to the ATLAS mailing list, but,
it would be good if we could find a way of supporting Clint as
strongly as we can.



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I go up for tenure this year.  The tenure committee has asked me to
get letters of support from ATLAS users so that they can assess the
service impact of my support of ATLAS (I *tell* them it is widely used, but
can I show it other than downloads?).  The letter would discuss a little
of what you do, and how you use ATLAS, and the importance of having
ATLAS in furthering your project goals.  So, if you are part of an
organization/business/open source project/research project that uses ATLAS,
please contact me if you or a colleague is willing to help with such a letter.
If you know someone at such a place that uses ATLAS, forward this on.
I will be contacting some groups that I know use ATLAS, but I don't
know about the majority of people/groups who do, and I often don't
have records and so forget even the ones I knew used it . . .

With Goto taking a position at MS, it is all the more important that
I can show my colleagues that ATLAS support and development is a
service to the community, and having it at UTSA helps the university
and department . . .


** R. Clint Whaley, PhD ** Assist Prof, UTSA ** www.cs.utsa.edu/~whaley **

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