[Numpy-discussion] numpy 2.0, what else to do?

Dag Sverre Seljebotn dagss@student.matnat.uio...
Sun Feb 14 06:06:09 CST 2010

Pauli Virtanen wrote:
> We will most likely have experimental py3 support in 2.0.
> If you, or someone else wishes to help bringing 2.0 to fully work with Py3, now is a very good time to step up.
> Finally, try to write some PEP 3118 using code, and check how it works. (You can use python >= 2.6 for this if you get numpy from the py3k branch.)
At least parts of this last point should be easily done with all the 
code out there using Cython and NumPy.

If PEP 3118 is enabled in NumPy's ndarray, then Cython's special-casing 
of NumPy should magically disappear (this can be checked by putting a 
"raise AssertionError()" statement in __getbuffer__ in 

Then, one can recompile any code using Cython and NumPy to at least 
verify most basic functionality (access of basic types, structs/record 
arrays, and different striding and ordering).

Indeed, just running

python runtests.py numpy

with a recent Cython and the Py3 NumPy trunk should be a rather good 
test of PEP3118 in NumPy.

Things like non-native endian etc. must be done manually though.

Dag Sverre

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