[Numpy-discussion] Scalar-ndarray arguments passed to not_equal

Friedrich Romstedt friedrichromstedt@gmail....
Sun Feb 14 16:36:08 CST 2010

Ok, to come back to the original question I have pushed a branch
"bugtracking.01.numpyops" to github.com/friedrichromstedt/upy.  If you
want to inspect the problem with some closer look, please pull from
this repo, and run demo.py in the branch mentioned.  Today's version
is tagged 10-02-14_GMT-22-20.

Please install the upy directory in some place where Python can load
it as a package.

Something I found out:

* The issue seems to apply both to numpy.equal and numpy.not_equal (or
their by means of numpy.set_numeric_ops() overloaded equivalents).

* It seems to not apply to anything else, but I didn't check all ops,
precisely I checked one out of each category.

Furthermore, I would appreciate any help in explaining the behaviour
of case 7.  It is clear to me only up to the final result, all steps
logged seem sensible, except numpy's last conclusion ...

It is a bit tricky, but thanks for any help,

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