[Numpy-discussion] ndarray of complex-like data

Brecht Machiels brecht.machiels@esat.kuleuven...
Tue Feb 16 05:00:48 CST 2010


I have written a subclass of Python's complex type, which only adds a 
couple of properties that return values calculated from the real and 
imaginary parts (magnitude and angle, for example).

Now I would like to store objects of this new type in an ndarray. As the 
new type doesn't store more information than a complex number, the 
ndarray's dtype can be 'complex'. I also assume that is is better for 
performance to use dtype=complex instead of dtype=object? Using 
dtype=complex also ensures that anything put into the array can be cast 
to a complex.

However, I would like the array to return objects of my new type when I 
retrieve an item from the ndarray. I'm not sure how to do that. I would 
rather avoid having to define the new type in C.

Kind regards,

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