[Numpy-discussion] Unit Tests failing daily for 2 months

Christopher Hanley chanley@stsci....
Wed Feb 17 10:07:45 CST 2010

> I don't see these here. What architecture/compiler/os ?

The system architecture is 2 * Intel Xeon with hyperthreading.  The OS
is Red Hat Enterprise (RHE) 4 64-bit running Python 2.5.4.  The C
compiler being used is GCC 3.4.6.  No Fortran compiler is being used.

> That's new to me.

Darn.  I was hoping this was old news.

> These two also fail on the buildbot Mac and have for some time. If you are
> able to reproduce them on an available machine that will be helpful in
> tracking them down.

We can reproduce these problems on our RHE machine.  A quick check of
our logs from last night doesn't seem to indicate a problem on our
Intel Mac 10.5 systems.  However if there is something you want me to
try just let me know what you need.


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