[Numpy-discussion] Sun Studio Compilers on Linux / atan2 regression

Christian Marquardt christian@marquardt...
Wed Feb 17 12:36:38 CST 2010


when compiling numpy-1.40 with the Sun Studio Compilers (v12 Update 1) on Linux (an OpenSUSE 11.1 in my case), about 30 tests in numpy.test() fail; all failures are related to the arctan2 function. 

I've found that in r7732 a patch was applied to trunk/numpy/core/src/private/npy_config.h in response to #1201, #1202, and #1203, #undef'ing the HAVE_ATAN2 variable in order to fix a broken atan2() implementation on Solaris. It seems that this does no good with the most recent Sun compiler on Linux...

The attached patch ensures that the original patch is only applied on Solaris platforms; with this applied, all tests are completed successfully under Linux. BTW, I did not observe #1204 or #1205... As I have no access to a Solaris machine, I also don't know if the original patch is required with Sun Studio 12.1 at all.

Something different - I would've loved to enter this in the numpy-Trac, but registration didn't work (I was asked for another username/password at scipy.org during the registration process) :-((


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