[Numpy-discussion] Updating Packages in 2.5 (win/numpy) and Related Matters

Wayne Watson sierra_mtnview@sbcglobal....
Wed Feb 17 21:30:54 CST 2010

On 2/16/2010 10:01 PM, Scott Sinclair wrote:
>> On 17 February 2010 07:25,<josef.pktd@gmail.com>  wrote:
>> On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 12:10 AM, Wayne Watson
>> <sierra_mtnview@sbcglobal.net>  wrote:
>>> Hi, I'm working on a 1800+ line program that uses tkinter. Here are the
>>> messages I started getting recently. (I finally figured out how to copy
>>> them.). The program goes merrily on its way despite them.
>>> s\sentuser>sentuser_20080716NoiseStudy7.py
>>> C:\Python25\lib\site-packages\scipy\misc\__init__.py:25:
>>> DeprecationWarning: Num
>>> pyTest will be removed in the next release; please update your code to
>>> use nose
>>> or unittest
>>>    test = NumpyTest().test
>> DeprecationWarnings mean some some functionality in numpy (or scipy)
>> has changed and the old way of doing things will be removed and be
>> invalid in the next version.
>> During depreciation the old code still works, but before you upgrade
>> you might want to check whether and how much you use these functions
>> and switch to the new behavior.
>> In the case of numpy.test, it means that if you have tests written
>> that use the numpy testing module, then you need to switch them to the
>> new nose based numpy.testing. And you need to install nose for running
>> numpy.test()
> Wayne - The DeprecationWarnings are being raised by SciPy, not by your
> code. You probably don't have a recent version of SciPy installed. The
> most recent release of SciPy is 0.7.1 and works with NumPy 1.3.0. I
> don't think you will see the warnings if you upgrade SciPy and NumPy
> on your system.
> Check your NumPy and SciPy versions at a python prompt as follows:
>>>> import numpy as np
>>>> print np.__version__
>>>> import scipy as sp
>>>> print sp.__version__
> You will need to completely remove the old versions if you choose to
> upgrade. You should be able to do this from "Add/Remove Programs".
You just answered the question I posted to joef moments ago. 
Interestingly, I'm on win7's Add/Remove numpy. No scipy. I just checked 
the version via import and it's 0.6.0. These are some of my imports. 
Note "from scipy" below.
from Tkinter import *
from numpy import *
import Image
import ImageChops
import ImageTk
import time
import binascii
import tkMessageBox
import tkSimpleDialog
from pylab import plot, xlabel, ylabel, title, show, xticks, bar
from scipy import stats as stats # scoreatpercentile <------------
from matplotlib.pyplot import figure, show
#from matplotlib.lines import Line2D
#from matplotlib.patches import Patch, Rectangle
#from matplotlib.text import Text
from matplotlib.image import AxesImage

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