[Numpy-discussion] RHEL 5.3+ build?

David Carmean dlc@halibut....
Tue Feb 23 20:04:49 CST 2010

Does anyone use/build this stuff on RHEL 5.3+ (x64)?  :)  Seems not so much.

I'd like to use numpy (and PyTables) for a few tasks where it would be much 
more efficient to have much of the processing performed on the servers generating 
the data (about 400 systems) than backhauling the huge amount of input data 
across our WAN around the continent.  However, the vast majority of these systems 
are 64-bit RedHat EL 5.3 and 5.4, and I'm having trouble building numpy 1.3.0 
with gcc.

I found an RPM for 1.2.0 so that will get me through most of the R&D, and I'd 
rather wait for the next stable release before spending any more time trying 
to build.  But I'm wondering if there's anybody on the team or in the active 
contributors/users world who is regularly building numpy on various flavors of 


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