[Numpy-discussion] Numpy array performance issue

Bruno Santos bacmsantos@gmail....
Wed Feb 24 11:19:17 CST 2010

It seems that the python 2.6.4 has a more efficient implementation of the
lists. It runs faster on this version and slower on 2.5.4 on the same
machine with debian. A lot faster in fact.

I was trying to change my headche for the last couple of weeks. But you
migth give me a lot more optimizations that I can pick. I am trying to
optimize the following function

def hypergeometric(self,lindex,rindex):
        Performs the hypergeometric test for the loci between lindex and
        Returns the minimum p-Value
        aASense = self.aASCounts[lindex*nSize:(rindex+1)*nSize]
        #Create the subarray to test
        aLoci =
        #Get the values to test
        length = len(aLoci)
        lsPhasedValues = set([aLoci[i] for i in xrange(length) if i%nSize==0
and aLoci[i]>0])
        m = length/nSize
        n = (length-1)-(length/nSize-1)
        #Create an array to store the Pvalues
        lsPvalues = []
        append = lsPvalues.append
        #Calculate matches in Phased and non Phased position
        for r in lsPhasedValues:
            #Initiate number of matches to 0
            q = sum([1 for j in xrange(length) if j%nSize==0 and
            k = sum([1 for j in xrange(length) if aLoci[j]>=r])
            key = '%i,%i,%i,%i'%(q-1,m,n,k)
            except KeyError:
                value = self.lphyper(q-1, m, n, k)
        return min(lsPvalues)

Is there any efficient way to test the array simultaneous for two different

All the best,

2010/2/24 Robert Kern <robert.kern@gmail.com>

> On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 10:40, Bruno Santos <bacmsantos@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Funny. Which version of python are you using?
> Python 2.5.4 on OS X.
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