[Numpy-discussion] Snow Leopard

Bruce Southey bsouthey@gmail....
Fri Feb 26 20:17:17 CST 2010

On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 6:59 PM, David Warde-Farley <dwf@cs.toronto.edu> wrote:
> On 26-Feb-10, at 7:43 PM, Charles سمير Doutriaux wrote:
>> Any idea on how to build a pure 32bit numpy on snow leopard?
> If I'm not mistaken you'll probably want to build against the
> Python.org Python rather than the wacky version that comes installed
> on the system. The Python.org installer is a 32-bit Python that
> installs itself in /Library.
> David
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If you remain with 2.7 then you should also view the thread started 3 days ago:
'distutils problem with NumPy-1.4 & Py-2.7a3 (Snow Leopard)'

In particular:
Ticket 1355 - that should be resolved with r8260 (thanks Stefan):
Ticket 1409
Ticket 1345:


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