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On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 11:37 AM, Wayne Watson
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> Google shows there is a mail list for SciPy, but when I go to the web page
> it shows GMANE, and various feeds for SciPy-Dev and User. Maybe I'm missing
> something?
> Information about gmane.comp.python.scientific.user

that's the gmane mirror/interface to scipy-user

the original location of scipy lists is here

> The archive for this list can be read the following ways:
> On the web, using frames and threads.
> On the web, using a blog-like, flat interface.
> Using an NNTP newsreader.
> RSS feeds:
> All messages from the list, with excerpted texts.
> Topics from the list, with excerpted texts.
> All messages from the list, with complete texts.
> Topics from the list, with complete texts.
> D. Kuhlman wrote an interesting Tutorial about SciPy (course outline) in
> June 2006. Has it ever been updated?

Not that that know of, the basics haven't changed much, but the scipy
part is largely an index to the content which is out of date. The most
up to date documentation and index is http://docs.scipy.org/doc/

As general scipy tutorial, I also like
http://johnstachurski.net/lectures/scipy.html (also the other parts
with numpy tutorials)


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