[Numpy-discussion] Building Numpy Windows Superpack

David Cournapeau david@silveregg.co...
Sun Feb 28 19:45:53 CST 2010

Patrick Marsh wrote:
> Hi David,
> There really isn't much in the way of commands that I've used - I 
> haven't gotten that far.  So far, I've downloaded your binaries and then 
> attempted to set up my numpy site.cfg file to use your binaries.  I used 
> the following as my site.cfg
> [atlas]
> library_dirs 
> = d:\svn\BlasLapack\binaries\nosse,d:\svn\BlasLapack\binaries\sse2,d:\svn\BlasLapack\binaries\sse3
> atlas_libs = lapack, f77blas, cblas, atlas
> However, when invoking 'setup.py config' it won't recognize a list of 
> directories, even though the example site.cfg has an example with one.

First, you should not put the three paths into library_dirs, it does not 
make much sense here (I am not sure what distutils does exactly in this 
case, whether it took the first path or the last one, but it will only 
take into account one).

Then, I would advise to bypass site.cfg altogether, and just use env 
variables, as done in the paver script. E.g.:

set LAPACK=d:\svn\BlasLapack\binaries\nosse
python setup.py build -c mingw32 bdist_wininst

because then you can easily control which one gets included from the 
command line. It is also much easier to script it this way.

> I'm going to play around with the paver script and follow Ralf's 
> instructions in the previous example and see what happens.

In general, you should use the paver script as a reference. It contains 
a lot of small best-practice things I have ended up after quite a while.



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