[Numpy-discussion] sum up to a specific value

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Thu Jul 1 10:38:02 CDT 2010

to, 2010-07-01 kello 11:46 -0300, Renato Fabbri kirjoitti:
> just a solution (not all of them)
> and the application happen to come up with something like 10k values
> in the array. don care waiting, but...

As said, the problem is a well-known one, and it's not really Python or
Numpy-specific, so slightly off-topic for this list. Numpy and Scipy
don't ship pre-made algorithms for solving these.

But anyway, you'll probably find that the brute force algorithm (e.g.
the one from Vincent) takes exponential time (and exp(10000) is a big
number). So you need to do something more clever. First stop, Wikipedia,


and if you are looking for pre-cooked solutions, second stop


Some search words you might want to try on Google:


Generic advice only this time, sorry; I don't have pre-made code for
solving this at hand, but hopefully the above links give some pointers
for what to do.

Pauli Virtanen

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