[Numpy-discussion] OT: request help building pymex win64

Robin robince@gmail....
Fri Jul 2 11:37:41 CDT 2010


Sorry for the offtopic post but I wondered if any Windows experts who
are familiar with topics like linking python on windows and visual
studio runtimes etc. might be able to help.

I'm on a bit of a mission to get pymex built for 64 bit windows. Pymex
( http://github.com/kw/pymex ) is a matlab package that embeds the
Python interpreter in a mex file and provides a very elegant interface
for manipulating python objects from matlab, as well as converting
between data times when necessary. It builds easily on mac, linux and
win32 with mingw, but I really need it also for 64 bit windows. (It
works very well with numpy as well so not completely OT).

I have looked at trying to get a 64bit mingw  working to build mex
files, but that seemed quite difficult, so instead I am trying to
build with VS 2008 Express Edition + Windows 7 SDK (for 64 bit
support). As far as I can tell this is installed OK as I can build the
example mex64 files OK.

I have made some modifications to pymex to get it to build under vs
2008 ( http://github.com/robince/pymex/tree/win64 ).

And I can get it to build and link (I believe using the implicit dll
method of linking against C:\Python26\libs\python26.lib of the amd64
python.org python) without errors, but when I run it seems to
segfaults whenever a pointer is passed between the mex side and

I asked this stackoverflow question which has some more details (build log)

Anyway I'm completely in the dark but wondered if some of the experts
on here would be able to spot something (perhaps to do with
incompatible C runtimes - I am not sure what runtime Python is built
with but I thought it was VS 2008).



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