[Numpy-discussion] debian benchmarks

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Sat Jul 3 21:32:14 CDT 2010

I was just looking at Debian's benchmark. LuaJIT is now (on median) 
beating Intel Fortran! Consider that Lua is a dynamic language very 
similar to Python. I know it's "just a benchmark" but this has to count 
as insanely impressive. Beating Intel Fortran with a dynamic scripting 
language... How is that even possible?

If this keeps up we'll need a Python to Lua compiler very soon. And 
LuaJIT 2 is rumoured to be much faster than the current...

Looking at median runtimes, here is what I got:

      gcc               1.10
   LuaJIT            1.96
   Java 6 -server    2.13 
   Intel Fortran     2.18
   OCaml             3.41
   SBCL              3.66
   JavaScript V8     7.57
   PyPy             31.5
   CPython          64.6
   Perl             67.2
   Ruby 1.9         71.1

This means that LuaJIT can do in less than a day what CPython can do in 
a month. The only comfort for CPython is that Ruby and Perl did even worse.

I wonder how much better CPython would do with NumPy on this benchmark?


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