[Numpy-discussion] OT? Distutils extension with shared libs

Fabrice Silva silva@lma.cnrs-mrs...
Tue Jul 6 08:39:27 CDT 2010

I know it is not directly related to numpy (even if it uses
numpy.distutils), but I ask you folks how do you deal with code
depending on other libs.

In libIM7 projet ( https://launchpad.net/libim7 ), I wrap code from a
device constructor with ctypes in order to read Particle Image
Velocimetry (PIV) files stored by their software (format im7 and vc7).

There is a dependency on zlib which is easy to solve in linux
(installing zlib-dev package in debian). But as I want to use it also in
windows (sharing the commercial dongle amongst various colleagues is a
unconfortable solution), I am trying to configure the setup.py both for
win and linux. But I am new to dev in windows...

My questions are then:
- how do you deal with dependencies in distutils?
- what do you need to build against zlib (or another lib) in windows
using distutils ?



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