[Numpy-discussion] OT? Distutils extension with shared libs

Fabrice Silva silva@lma.cnrs-mrs...
Wed Jul 7 08:23:24 CDT 2010

Thanks for your answers.

> Three solutions:
>  - ask your users to build the software and install zlib by
> themselves. On windows, I am afraid it means you concretely limit your
> userbase to practically 0.
>  - build zlib as part of the build process, and keep zlib internally.
>  - include a copy of the zlib library (the binary) in the tarball.

> You cannot build a library loadable with ctypes with distutils nor
> numpy.distutils. You need to implement it in distutils, or copy the
> code from one of the project which implemented it

Ok, the simplest may then to build _im7.dll with make or scons and
include it as install_data in the python package... I was astonished
that the process (building the shared object called by ctypes) that
works on linux does not work in windows!

By the way, do you have any example of project implementing it in
distutils ?

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