[Numpy-discussion] numpy, matplotlib and masked arrays

Peter Isaac peter.isaac@monash....
Fri Jul 9 20:44:29 CDT 2010

John Hunter wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 8:03 PM, Peter Isaac <Peter.Isaac@monash.edu> wrote:
>> Note that EPD-6.2-2 works fine with this script on WinXP.
>> Any suggestions welcome
> then just use epd-6.2.2 on winxp.
> your-mpl-developer-channeling-steve-jobs,
> <wink>
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Be careful what you ask for, I suppose.  I've been trying to wean myself 
off Windows and migrate to Linux, so far a rewarding and mostly 
enjoyable experience, while developing a Python-based quality control 
and post-processing system for ecosystem time series data.  The end 
users will be on Win, MacOS and Linux, so unfortunately your elegant if 
somewhat non-pythonic suggestion doesn't quite help.

Original message is now modified to read "Any helpful suggestions 
welcome" and I will offer a black polo neck T-shirt to the presenter of 
the most useful suggestion.  Or the most entertaining ...

Yours in greying-haired-desperation,

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