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Thank you Zack:

By raster data I mean classified slope gradient (derived from a dem), landuse-landcover, lithology etc. A crosstabulation analysis will give me a table with the common areas for each class from each raster and this will go into other analysis. I can do it with other softwares (like ArcGIS DEsktop etc), but I would like to have all with numpy or to build something on top of numpy

Thanks's again


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Hi Ionut,

Check out the "tabular" package:

It seems to be basically what you want... it does "pivot tables" (aka  
crosstabulation), it's built on top of numpy, and has simple data IO  

Also check out this discussion on "pivot tables" from the numpy list a  
while ago:

One question -- what do you mean by "raster data"? In my arena, that  
usually means "images"... and I'm not sure what a crosstabulation on  
image data would mean!


On Jul 14, 2010, at 2:28 PM, Ionut Sandric wrote:

> Sorry, the first email was sent before to finish it...
> Hi:
> I have two raster data and I would like to do a crosstabulation  
> between them and export the results to a table in a text file. Is it  
> possible to do it with NumPy? Does someone have an example?
> Thank you,
> Ionut
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